Maneras de Donar

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Ways to Give
  • Dona Online con PayPal

    Your generous support is critical for Casa Esperanza’s mission to serve those most in need who face barriers to accessing care. We enable each individual to transform their life. Our programs and services work to end the cycle of addiction one family at a time by providing the vital aftercare that keeps families in recovery connected.


  • Donantes- Fondos de Asesoramiento

    Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) are a convenient way to donate and avoid capital gains tax. For example, selling stock at $10,000 through a DAF pays no Capital Gains on $5,000 and is also exempt from estate tax. You can initiate grant recommendations from your donor-advised fund and donate directly on the Casa website through Donor DirectSM.

    Greater support is needed to assist the least fortunate also working toward their own recovery. We work every day to treat substance abuse and support families impacted by addiction. Casa Esperanza is recognized as the foremost authority on developing holistic approaches to bilingual/bicultural services substance abuse treatment in Massachusetts.

    As your clients seek advice and counsel, please consider recommending Casa Esperanza as a beneficiary. We can honor the donor’s preferences including, for example, women’s and children’s health, chronic disease, mental health, substance abuse, housing, nutrition, job placement and education, immunization or HIV/AIDS.

    We can provide further information for individual donors, families, advisors and financial institutions. For more information, please call Communications and Development Director at (617) 445-1123 ext. 321 for more information.

  • Acciones y Bonos

    If you are interested in donating stocks or security, Communications and Development Director at (617) 445-1123 ext. 321.

  • Legados de Donaciones

    Casa’s legacy has grown from a grassroots organization to an agency that has helped more than 3,500 people gain the skills they need to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society and reuniting hundreds of families torn apart by addiction. We hope that your legacy will join us in supporting our clients, and the many others that will follow in their footsteps. If you are interested in planned giving, please contact our Communications and Development Director at (617) 445-1123 ext. 321 for more information.

  • Donaciones Igualitarias


  • Amazon Lista de Deseos

    Donate items on our Amazon Wish List. In-kind donations can have a substantial impact and help us maximize our limited resources. We have particular need for the following items: literature and toiletries.