Mission, Vision & Beliefs

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What We Believe

Casa Esperanza, Inc. is a bilingual and bicultural behavioral health center that specializes in serving the Latino community in Massachusetts. Our mission is to empower individuals and families to recover from addiction, trauma, mental illness and other chronic medical conditions; overcome homelessness; and achieve health and wellness through comprehensive, integrated care.

Casa Esperanza’s vision of the future is that all affected by addiction and mental illness are empowered to lead healthy and purposeful lives.

We believe...

  • That behavioral health treatment is a human right;
  • That culture, in all of its diverse representations plays an essential role in each person’s unique pathway in recovery;
  • That physical, mental and spiritual health are the essential building blocks of economic independence, family reunification, and community development;
  • We believe that our work is about sustaining hope and encouraging dreams - helping people move beyond “just getting by” so they can lead lives filled with pride, purpose, and love.