Who We Are

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About Us
For more than three decades, Casa Esperanza has been studying the impact of addiction and mental illness on the Latino community in Massachusetts and examining what motivates a client to get help; what it takes for them to stay engaged in care long enough to meet their treatment goals; and how to support them in building a life in recovery that works for them and their family.

Inspired by our clients’ determined quest for change, in 2004, Casa Esperanza launched its research-to practice partnership with the Boston University Center for Addictions Research and Services to integrate, adapt, implement, and evaluate evidence-based interventions tailored to the cultural and linguistic needs of the Latino community. First aimed at reducing relapse, this partnership has since engaged in a continuous learning process supported by nine federal grant awards that has developed staff knowledge, credentials and capacity; increased client retention; expanded access to care; integrated the treatment of addictions, trauma, mental illness and other chronic conditions in partnership with Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program; established treatment on demand supported by Electronic Health Records, Work Practice Management, and Smart Phone technology, and advanced our understanding of the behavioral health needs of the Latino community across Massachusetts.


What We Believe

We cannot treat a single problem, but rather, we must treat the whole person and the whole family. Treatment begins with non-judgmental compassion and caring; meeting each individual “where they are”.

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Casa Roots

We remain rooted in the self-help and self-sufficiency traditions in which we were founded in order to remain accountable to our mission, our clients and our community.

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Casa Team

Ultimately our work is about sustaining hope and encouraging dreams– helping people move beyond “just getting by” so they can lead lives filled with pride, purpose and love. In cultivating a “team-oriented” environment that values the unique contributions of each individual; fosters collaboration, mutual respect and confianza; and encourages employees to have a balanced life.

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Our Recovery Community

Recovery happens in community. While peers must play a unique and indispensable role-providers, family, friends and other allies are also essential to building a community of recovery.
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Casa Facts

From grassroots to cutting-edge, Casa Esperanza has been seeking better ways to help families break the cycle of addiction and build a community of recovery for more than three decades.

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Join Our Team!

Are you interested in serving our mission by becoming a member of the Casa team? Casa Esperanza is looking for enthusiastic, team-oriented human service professionals.

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