Casa Men’s Program

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Residential Recovery Services in Spanish and English

An older Latino man with dark, curly hair cut close to his head. He is standing in front of some bushes, with a house in the far background. He has a wide smile with his teeth showing and his eyes are crinkled. He is wearing a black t-shirt.

Casa’s Men’s Program supports men in recovery from addiction and helps them grow into nurturing fathers, caring partners, and supportive friends. 

Casa’s Men’s Program is a 6 to 9-month residential recovery program for adult men. The program is a culturally-inclusive recovery home that provides addiction treatment and wrap-around support services in Spanish and English. The Men’s Program uses and integrated, trauma-informed services model that incorporates addiction treatment, mental health care, primary care, and recovery support services. Our role is to help patients set goals and support their recovery journey.

Care teams work with each patient to create a treatment plan based on their strengths and needs. We offer resources and guidance to help them make informed treatment choices. Treatment plans include clinical services, wrap-around support, and recovery goals.

We help patients develop life skills that support their recovery. Patients practice skills for assessing risk and critical thinking. They learn to replace behaviors that obstruct progress with those that support their goals. Patients help support each other and work together to resolve conflict. We also connect patients with services and resources for independent life. Our goal is to prepare patients for successful, long-term recovery in the community.

To apply to our Men’s Program, download our referral form in Spanish or English, and email it to [email protected]

Casa Men’s Program serves adult men (18+) who are:

  • Struggling with substance use disorder(s)
  • Without secure/stable housing
  • Recently released from incarceration
  • In need of support for serious mental illness
  • Living with HIV/AIDS and/or other chronic conditions

El programa para hombres de Casa adapta todos los servicios a las necesidades únicas de cada persona o familia que atendemos. Todos los pacientes reciben tratamiento gratis.

Los servicios de recuperación residencial del Programa para Hombres incluyen:

  • Substance use disorder treatment  
  • Therapeutic and psycho-educational groups
  • Tobacco cessation education and counselling
  • Case management and Care coordination, including linkages to other community-based resources and services
  • HIV education and counselling;
  • Parenting education, reunification, and supervised visitation
  • Recovery-oriented social support and recreation opportunities

For intake information about our Men’s Program, please contact:

Phone: (617) 420-1025

Email: [email protected]

Casa’s Men’s Program is located at:  

291 Eustis Street  
Roxbury, MA 02119