Data & Outcomes

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Data & Outcomes

Who We Serve and Why it Matters to the Community

  • Today, Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic group in Massachusetts and experience very high rates of addiction, mental illness, poverty, and homelessness.
  • Despite the quickly growing need for services, Latinos seeking addictions and mental health treatment, continue to confront a system that does not meet our language or cultural needs.
  • A recent study showed that only 29.2% of Latinos who need mental health care receive treatment, as compared to 51.5% of Whites.
  • National data shows that there is only 1 Latino mental health professional in practice for every 3,448 Latinos needing care, compared to 1 provider for every 578 White clients.
  • We need to help programs like Casa Esperanza expand to meet the overwhelming demand for behavioral health providers who speak our language and understand our culture.
  • Virtually all of the people served are homeless upon arrival and most have lived in poverty their whole lives.
  • Forty percent of the clients we serve are monolingual Spanish-speakers and another 40% have limited English proficiency, however many lack basic literacy in either language.

Outcomes and Innovations

  • Ensure 100% of our residential clients are screened for addiction, mental illness, trauma related disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury, HIV, and Hepatitis
  • Integrated the treatment of addictions, trauma, mental illness and other chronic conditions
  • Established treatment on demand supported by Electronic Health Records, Work Practice Management, and Smart Phone technology.
  • Established Children and Parent Psychotherapy
  • Offer Peer Recovery Coaching Services
  • Earned our CARF Accreditation
  • Provide the only Spanish language Structured Outpatient Addiction Program in Greater Boston
  • Established Open Access Assessment