Latinas y Niños Center

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Photo Collage: far left - portrait of apale skinned woman wearing a blue hoodie, dark brown hair with pink streaks up in a bun, a pregnant woman with brown skin with curly brown hair, and a woman and baby with pale skin and blonde hair.

Latinas y Niños offers women a safe, supportive enviroment to heal from trauma and develop their own unique pathways to recovery.


Latinas y Niños serves adult women who are:

  • struggling with alcohol or substance use, mental illness, and other chronic medical conditions
  • without secure and stable housing
  • single and may be pregnant, have children under ten, or both.
  • may be living with HIV/AIDS
  • and may be re-entering from incarceration

Latinas y Niños is a 6-12 month residential treatment program that focuses on the unique cultural and social needs of Latina women in recovery and their children.

Casa’s approach empowers women in early recovery to heal from trauma and abuse and stabilize their lives. At Latinas y Niños, patients work with staff to develop a plan to secure essential resources to sustain recovery and chieve independence, including housing, health insurance, and other benefits, education, and employment. Staff also help mothers reunify or reconnect with their children, when possible. 

As patients progress in their recovery, they also learn the skills needed to exchange unhealthy behaviors for healthy behaviors; establish and maintain healthy relationships, develop critical thinking skills, resolve conflict, and manage their health.

All patients receive treatment free of charge. Patients with income of $300/month or more are expected to pay 30% of their net income to help cover the cost of room and board and treatment services.

Latinas y Niños tailors all services to the unique needs of each individual or family we serve.