Junta Directiva

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Board of Directors


Mayra Rodriguez-Howard


Director of the Institute for a Healthier Community, South Boston Community Health Center

Janet Dillon


Chief Financial Officer, Community Servings, Inc.

Carrie Carrizosa


Vice President, Boston Private Bank & Trust

Pedro Garrido-Castillo, PhD

Vice President

Director of Family Services, Brookside Community Health Center

Jason Schweitzer

Resident Psychiatrist, Harvard Longwood Psychiatric Residency Training Program

Diane Rosado

Casa Esperanza Graduate

Jonna Hopwood, Esq.

Director of Addiction Services, Value Options – Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership

Emily Stewart

Executive Director, Casa Esperanza, Inc.


Board Responsibilities

  • Sets Straight Direction: The Board sets strategic direction, consistent with the mission. It is responsible to make decisions in the best interest of the organization.
  • Represents the Community: The Board represents the community, as defined by the Board. It gathers input from the community about their needs, and ensures effective communication and transparency about the organization’s mission, values, direction, program and finances.
  • Ensures Stewardship of Resources: The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the organization. It ensures that resources are used for the long-term mission of the organization. It approves the budget and monitors finances to ensure accountability. The Board ensures that the funds generated are adequate for the budget, which may involve fundraising, as determined by the Board.
  • Ensures Program Quality and Impact: The Board monitors the organization’s program to ensure culturally responsive, high quality services and outcomes.
  • Sets Policy and Monitors Compliance: The Board sets governance policy, monitors compliance with organizational policies and with all funding and legal obligations.