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About Us
ESPANOL - Casa Esperanza’s legacy has grown over 30 years from a grassroots organization to an agency that has helped more than 3,500 people gain the skills they need to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society and reuniting hundreds of families torn apart by addiction. We prioritize the care of those most in need in our community.

Casa Esperanza, Inc. is a bilingual/bicultural behavioral health facility that specializes in serving the Latino community in Massachusetts. The agency takes a holistic view of treatment recognizing that physical and mental health, family reunification, and economic independence are the essential building blocks of individual recovery, family stabilization, and community development.

Our mission is to help men, women and children recover from addiction, trauma, and mental illness; overcome homelessness, achieve health and wellness, repair and strengthen their families, and gain the skills they need to be self-sufficient, contributing members of our community.

We are a Person-Centered Health Home serving Latino families affected by homelessness, addiction, Serious Mental Illness (SMI), and chronic disease. Over the last three decades Casa has developed an integrated care model that provides culturally competent, person-centered, trauma-informed evidence based approaches to treating individuals and families with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Culture, in all of its diverse representations, including values, traditions, beliefs and experiences is key in determining a person’s journey and unique pathway in recovery. Drawing on the Latino philosophy of personalismo, staff across disciplines and departments work to assure that all feel welcome, known and understood.

We enable each individual to transform their life. Our programs and services work to end the cycle of addiction one family at a time by providing the vital aftercare that keeps families in recovery connected.


What We Believe

We cannot treat a single problem, but rather, we must treat the whole person and the whole family. Treatment begins with non-judgmental compassion and caring; meeting each individual “where they are”.

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Casa Roots

We remain rooted in the self-help and self-sufficiency traditions in which we were founded in order to remain accountable to our mission, our clients and our community.

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Casa Team

Ultimately our work is about sustaining hope and encouraging dreams– helping people move beyond “just getting by” so they can lead lives filled with pride, purpose and love. In cultivating a “team-oriented” environment that values the unique contributions of each individual; fosters collaboration, mutual respect and confianza; and encourages employees to have a balanced life.

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Our Recovery Community

Recovery happens in community. While peers must play a unique and indispensable role-providers, family, friends and other allies are also essential to building a community of recovery.

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Casa Facts

From grassroots to cutting-edge, Casa Esperanza has been seeking better ways to help families break the cycle of addiction and build a community of recovery for more than three decades.

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Join Our Team!

Are you interested in serving our mission by becoming a member of the Casa team? Casa Esperanza is looking for enthusiastic, team-oriented human service professionals.

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