Servicios para Graduados

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Casa Alumni
Whether you've just entered Phase II or you’ve been in recovery for years, Nuestra Communidad de Recuperacion is the place to connect to all things and all people connected to Casa Esperanza.

Socialize, network, share information and resources, develop leadership skills, get support from fellow alumni, family members and staff and give back to Our Community of Recovery. The Casa Community is more than 3,200 strong, and it comes together through Nuestra Communidad our online community. Get access to the people, events, ideas, and resources that matter to you, and help strengthen Our Community of Recovery. Once you’re a Casa member you are family for life, and it starts here.

Learn about upcoming Casa Alumni, Community of Recovery, and other sober social events.

Participate in Leadership and Empowerment Trainings at Casa and beyond.

Connect with other recovery-oriented Alumni, Advocacy, and Peer/Family Support Groups in our community (link to Resources Alumni, Advocacy and Peer/Family Support list)

Meet with a Peer Recovery Coach to develop an Individualized Recovery Plan (link to Mi Camino project description and PRC contact information and hours-MOAR flyer)

Help plan and participate in Hope in Action Recovery Awareness Events (link to CasaCAB page)

Join CasaCAB (Casa Esperanza’s Consumer Advisory Board) and give back to our Community of Recovery.

Donate to Casa Esperanza

Do you want to learn more about how to navigate and utilize health, housing, mental health, transportation, and other recovery-oriented services in our community?

  • Do you want your voice to be included in the planning process for services at Casa Esperanza, Inc.?
  • Would you like to be involved in planning sober social activities for clients and graduates of Casa Esperanza?
  • Would you like to get involved in outreach or other activities to give back to our Recovery Community?
  • Would you like to use your voice to advocate for recovery services in our community?

Joining the Casa Esperanza, Inc. Consumer Advisory Board (CasaCAB) is your opportunity to make your opinions and concerns known and to use your strengths to give back to our Community of Recovery. By being an active participant of the CasaCAB, you can provide input on programming and activities, use your voice to advocate for improved services and resources for people in recovery, inspire others to seek recovery and offer them support, become a leader in our recovery community.


Casa Esperanza, Inc.’s Consumer Advisory Board empowers graduates of Casa Esperanza’s treatment programs who are in recovery or current clients of Casa Esperanza’s Residential, Outpatient Services or Supportive Housing Programs to actively participate in the planning and evaluation of Casa’s programs as well as:

  • CasaCAB members review quarterly Client Satisfaction Surveys and make suggestions to Casa Esperanza Management about ideas for service improvement;
  • CasaCAB members help to articulate the needs of the individuals, families and communities we serve;
  • CasaCAB members review and provide input on new agency initiatives;
  • CasaCAB members suggest new services or events for consideration by the Casa Esperanza, Inc. Management Team;
  • CasaCAB members act as representatives of Casa clients to the agency;
  • CasaCAB members participate in leadership training activities to develop their skills regarding peer recovery coaching, outreach and advocacy, group facilitation and organization, telling their stories and honing their communication skills, and planning and organizing events;
  • CasaCAB members help to organize, and act as leaders at, events including Casa Graduation, Hope in Action Events, Recovery Day, Family Recovery Day, the Boston AIDS Walk, Latino HIV Awareness Day, World AIDS Day, and other community recovery and outreach events.
  • CasaCAB members organize positive, sober social and support activities for clients, graduates and family members.


CasaCAB membership is open to the following:

  • Clients in Phase II or Phase III or Graduates of either Casa Esperanza Men’s Program or Latinas y Niños Center who are active participants in their treatment plan.
  • Residents of any of Casa Esperanza, Inc.’s Supportive Housing units including Nueva Vida, Nueva Esperanza, Dunmore Place, 300 Eustis Street who have at least 3 months of sobriety and are actively engaged in their recovery.
  • Clients of Familias Unidas Outpatient Services who have at least 3 months of sobriety and are actively engaged in their recovery.

Meetings are held every other month. Time and Date will be determined by CAB members at the first meeting. Refreshments will be served. You may apply by filling out the attached application and completing an interview.