Programa de Hombres

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Latinas y Ninos
Casa Esperanza Men’s Program is a six-to-twelve-month residential program founded with the goal of serving those who face barriers to accessing treatment for substance abuse, such as: cultural and linguistic minorities, HIV+ persons, homeless individuals, injection drug abusers, the disabled, and individuals recently released from prison.

The program offers men an opportunity to learn about their addiction through a phased approach to treatment that builds independence, strengthens resiliency and prevents relapse.

Services include:

  • Counseling & Case Management designed to help individuals identify and address their underlying issues that impact their addiction and recovery as well as address their housing, medical, legal and other service needs.
  • Trauma Recovery Groups; Casa Esperanza utilizes the Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM) as a psycho-educational and skills-oriented group that is divided into four parts: Empowerment, trauma recovery, advanced trauma recovery issues, and closing rituals;
  • Parenting Education; to present individuals with the practical tools they need to develop healthy relationships with their children, and instill them with the confidence they need to manage parenting challenges while maintaining their sobriety;
  • Recreational activities, including softball, sober dances, and fishing trips;
  • Job counseling, resume and interview preparation, job placement, and career advancement services as well as referrals to continuing education, training and other job preparation opportunities within the community;
  • Tobacco Education and Treatment; provides support and motivation to move clients through the stages of change and/or to improve risk reduction;
  • HIV/AIDS Counseling and Case Management, including connecting individuals to primary care providers, specific medical treatment, and community support groups; and,
  • Linkages to other key services — including domestic violence and anger management education.

For more information or intakes please contact Casa Esperanza.